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Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety: Statistics for Restaurant Owners


Anyone who owns an eating or drinking establishment knows that they have a million different responsibilities and day-to-day tasks to accomplish in order to keep the business running. One thing that should never fall through the cracks, however, is commercial kitchen fire safety. It's your job to ensure that your restaurant is following fire safety codes to prevent harm to your employees and customers. The proper fire safety equipment and regular maintenance can also decrease your risk of costly fire damage.

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Cooking up Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety:

Statistics Restaurant Owners Should Know

During 2006-2010, an estimated average of 7,640 structure fires in eating and drinking establishments were reported to U.S. fire departments per year, with associated annual losses of:

  • Two civilian deaths
  • 115 civilian injuries
  • $246 million in property damage

In eating and drinking establishments, direct property damage per fire was 75% lower when a wet pipe sprinkler system was present, compared to fires with no automatic extinguishing equipment present.

Fires are less common during the overnight hours (from Midnight to 6 a.m.) but cause more property damage.

Structure Fires in Eating and Drinking Establishments by Major Cause (2006 - 2010)


  1. Cooking equipment 57%
  2. Heating equipment 10%
  3. Electrical/Lighting equipment 7%
  4. Smoking material 7%
  5. Intentional 5%

Property Damage

  1. Cooking equipment 40%
  2. Electrical/Lighting equipment 13%
  3. Intentional 10%
  4. Heating equipment 7%
  5. Smoking Material 5%

Total annual property damage for eating and drinking establishments = $246 million

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