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Winter Tips for Fire Sprinkler Freeze-ups

Frozen fire protection systems result in fire losses due to crippled detection or extinguishing systems and extensive water damage…

As temperatures drop this winter, fire sprinkler systems become vulnerable to freeze-ups. When water freezes inside a sprinkler pipe, it creates an obstruction that can render the sprinkler system useless in the event of a fire. As the ice expands, it increases the internal water pressure in the pipe, which causes the pipe to burst.

fire sprinkler system freeze up

To keep buildings safe from fire during the cold, winter months and avoid costly repairs down the road, there are preventative maintenance steps you can take:

- Monitor your local weather and know when temperatures are expected to drop below freezing

- Maintain adequate heat in all buildings during the winter months

- Provide sufficient installation

- Conduct regular inspection, testing, and maintenance of the sprinkler system