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The Alarming Truth: Why Fire Alarm Services Are Necessary for Your Building

 The right fire alarm system can save lives. It can save you thousands of dollars and prevent your business from a disastrous fire.There are plenty of horror stories about building fires. Instead, let's focus on prevention.

Your first question is probably what fire alarm services does your business really need? And how do you know you're picking the right company?

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Protecting Your Kitchen: Restaurant Fire Safety Systems

When it comes to restaurants, you want to be known as being 'on fire' in the nonliteral sense. Unfortunately, anywhere that cooking equipment is being used is at an increased risk of a building fire. 

From fire alarm monitoring to fire sprinklers, it can be pretty confusing to know what fire protection equipment and services are necessary. Let's break down what you need to know to protect your business from a dangerous and costly fire:

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A, B, C... K? Fire Extinguisher Ratings Explained

The importance of fire safety is oftentimes overlooked in favor of other everyday concerns. Changing the batteries in your fire alarm panel, locating the optimal evacuation route in your building, and ensuring you have the proper fire extinguishers in the most advantageous spots all trickle to the bottom of our never-ending to-do lists.

But why? Why do we neglect something as important as fire preparedness? And how can we knowingly look passed these life-saving safety measures when the worst case-scenarios are so blatantly obvious?

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